Monday, September 08, 2008


I moved out of Sasken yesterday. It was a wonderful company. From my point of view, more than the company, it was the team and the people. Team maketh an employee's professional life.

CorePCU is a lively team. Also an eventful one for me :-

a) I moved into our new house when I joined the team.
b) My sister's marriage.
c) My Paris trip.
d) My Ottawa trip.
e) My marriage.
f) My aptmt

Needless to say, I really enjoyed working here. Now I've stepped out of its umbrella, to venture into other things. I feel like a Columbus today, venturing into new waters, this rainy season.

Needed : Swalpa josh and Swalpa hosh.

Current Song : Eno ondthara


Bridget Jones said...

All the best for new beginnings :)

Prashanth said...

Great working with you man!! I will be missing you for sure, you were my cubicle neighbour. You are more of a friend to me than a co-worker. I didn't wish you yesterday because I thought it all went too fast yesterday!! So, all the best in your new company and a new job.
As you have rightly said, it is a very lively team. Perhaps, one of the few things that are still left here:-)

sudeep said...

bridget jones :
Thanks a lot ! I guess I need it, now that I'm starting from the scratch !!!

tap :
Yesterday was too emotional dude for me... for me too, I will be missing you as a cubicle-mate/lunch-mate/coffee-mate/outside-tea-mate/ and the list never ends ... and yeah will keep you updated for sure!

Milan said...

Good luck Sudeep. You're a talented guy...embrace this change. You'll do well whereever you go...

All the very best!

sudeep said...

Thanks a lot for those encouraging comments Milan!!

Btw, they were talking abt the CAPEX/OPEX model (which you were talking abt) on the BTS in a presentation !!