Friday, September 19, 2008

Hmm my first post from my new company.

First impression has been good...Work is still to begin(which is gonna be C++ and Object Modelling and Design Patterns and all, which I don't have a good idea abt.).The cubicles are very close to each other and I am used to the majestic FAC-Z cubicles.

I can see the view of MG Road from my cubicle and I hear that my office will be shifted to Infantry Road. Meanwhile having an office in MGRoad is good because good access to eatables and anything! Tender coconuts, groundnuts buffet at a place called "Oye Amritsar!" ... Life goes on

There is a cab ( :-)!) and the timings are also good...


Srini at the Movies said...

which company maga?

sudeep said...

maga nsn :-)) eradu vaara aaythu join maadi :-))