Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Well , the josh for cooking food lasted approximately for 3 weeks.
The josh waned after the self realisation that i cannot be a good cook.
Too lazy to continuously keep up great culinary interests.

The newest challenge is to keep up the josh....How do I keep the josh to cook AND EAT the same food?

The answer for this question lies in watching those freaks who eat lizards, toe nails , grasshopper syrups,snakes,spiders etc. as a challenge. I look at that tv show for inspiration and gulp my food. I just cant get the measurements for the food...

Anyway nigerian rice , thai rice etc are good only for the ears (it sounds exotic);
The catch is you wont get Indian rice.

I prepare good rasam,rice, and good-for-nothing anything else.
Tropicana is thick like molten plastic.
And salt chips suck....there is no kara for chips....

And there is beef,fish from the river Nile , pork , mutton, chicken....
Ofcourse I dont eat this....
French fries are the best here...they are spicy too....

Apples rock, Bananas are better back home, capsicum is really good here, Onions are good...
Time to packup , Good evening angels...


Tejaswi said...

I heard anything French tastes good. You gotta try some before you get back to India.

sudeep said...

i am a vegetarian...no flesh please

Chandan said...

Hey PPL. I'm highly inspired by your Guru & Sisya Series. Hilarious thing on the roll. Inspired by the series I'm posting this Guru Sishya # 6 dedicated to the sudeep. I'ld love to see this published in your blog guys.

Guru to Sishyas:
Try to respect the e-mails of your elders . And constantly send E Mails to them.

Sishya No 1:
But Oh learned one, how dare I send junk mails to my honorable elders who are logged on to honorable domains?

Vatsa, at this moment they neither are your friend nor your foes. They are mere mail-users. So follow your Net-dharma. Logon and send dozens of junk mails. This is your Karma and this alone is your Dharma.

Sishya No 2:
Master ! After seeing all this, I feel like resigning from Software Industry itself...

Bandhu, it seems you are caught in a vicious circle of Maaya. In this material world you have none and you are committed to none. Junk mails have existed before you came to this world and shall remain long after you are gone. Rise above this Maaya and perform your duty. Just keep sending junk mails.

Sishya No 3:
but Oh learned Guru...........!

Victory or failure is not in your hands. So stop pondering about results. Don't waste your knowledge on the junk shastra bestowed by your school teachers.

Sisya No 1:
Hey learned one, how is junk mail related to the ' system ' ?

Junk mail is just junk mail. It has no connection with Hardware. However, it is another matter that it overloads the system... fills up the hard disk....but you are not supposed to worry about it. Listen sisyas, the way Aatma leaves one physical body and moves onto another, likewise these junk mails move from system to system.

Female Sishya:
How can one define junk mail?

Neither fire can burn it.., nor air can dry it... neither it can be conquered nor it can be defeated. He who sends junk mails cannot be looked down upon even by Mahadev... Junk mails are immortal.

All the Sishyas in Chorus:
Hey Guru ! Now all our doubts on junk mail are crystal clear.You have opened my eyes learned master, or else I would have lost myself in Maaya and read all the junk mails myself.

sudeep said...

thanks for dropping a comment :)
and thanks for dedicating it to me :)

i will publish it along with the newest version of guru shishya

Srini at the Movies said...

There was once a holy boy who dreamt of eating chicken, he controlled his urges but felt his desire thicken, unable to feast on his prey for fear of being stricken, he sat in class next to SriBV and scribbled 'tandoori chicken'...hi paapu this is dedicated to u maan..this is the tie that binds :-)

sudeep said...