Friday, June 17, 2005

july 5th

Wish I were in Bangalore today......:-)
One trivia is in 1997,on this day I had been to "Gupt" and I was bowled over by Manisha Koirala.

Well updates in life :-

1)Lunch featuring aloo palya and rice...Great stuff for my standards.

2) People leaving Paris and me all alone here at Paris.It is terrible to think of what I am gonna do in the weekends.

3)Hilarious french movie which featured pretty women doing silly things.I remember the Paresh Rawal Hungama movie impact.

4)Got adjusted to the french keyboard having keys like é è ù à ....Have to get adjusted back to the good ole keyboard back at Indie

5)Still trying to get adjusted to people who dont talk a word during work. All talks are strictly
work related

6)When people smile and say Bon Jour,you better reply to that. Unsuspecting Depp learnt this the hardway facing a rude Metro ticket giving old woman.

7)The French revolution took place on 14th july and it is a holiday here..You have parade, drills etc ...

8)The next training is gonna be tricky....

9)Apples in evenings for Depp

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