Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At the Box Office..

Its completely dark outside at 4pm.. as the black rain lashes hong kong, making it tempting to skip the gym plans ( this skips due to the flimsiest of reasons and doesnt require a black rain) and go on board with some chai, pakodas and movies, with the latter two needing some resource stretching..

its been a good run of movie watching lately, though the movies themselves werent that fun.. following movies were conquered or they managed to conquer me

On Screen
Inception - A preview show (my first) was worth it... quite good..but needs a second screening on the home theater, to pause, question debate and resolve.. and if possible a direct line to Nolan..

Housefull - ignoring it completely would have been better rather than just ignoring it for a few months
I hate luv stories - doesn't deserve to make money.. have to support Shoba de on this one.. starting to dislike Sonam Kapoor, never like Imran khan much.... K JO is creating mini K JOs

De Dana Dhan - cant watch too much of AK.. wound up midway..
Die Hard - nice to see old style hardcore action
Die Hard 2 - too much of Bruce Willis
Vantage Point - good to recollect the movie
Twilight - no comments

Looking forward

On Screen
Wallstreet 2

Once upon a time ....
Tere Bin Laden

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