Saturday, January 15, 2011

No one killed Jessica

India is a country when one can easily lose hope because of the chaos, the grind. Most people continue to live this existence like sheep and some become tigers ruling the sheep and some become greedy dogs barking and snatching; Some are pigs - eat the filth and are despicable.

Can someone lose their life because of not serving drink ? Is the value of a drink as valuable as a life ? asks Vidya Balan's intrepretation of Sabrina Lal. It is a hard hitting depressing movie. Does not lose the tempo and really well done.

The music is FABULOUS. Amit Trivedi of Dev-D scores like a master in this movie. The songs are raw and they have the angst and dark depths required for this kind of the movie. One of the most promising music directors of the post Rahman era. Here is a sample of one of the songs : No one killed Jessica - Aetbaar.

The movie is a good one, it requires that kind of a mood to appreciate the movie - It tries to show what kind of role media can play in a democracy. Watch the trailer of No one Killed Jessica to understand the mood.

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