Sunday, September 18, 2011


with the wife accompanying me to various 'male oriented' movies, it was time for pay-back. So we decided to watch the "Bridesmaids" this Saturday which captures the travails of a struggling single woman presumably in her thirties, having to undergo the trauma of being the 'maid of honor'. This after a 10K walk/run session in the morning and a heavy south Indian breakfast

For the first time in our HK movie watching history we arrived way too early -20 mins before the show had started. That gave us enuf time to surf for a good sandwich and coffee in the IFC mall, which is not so a great place if you are looking for anything apart from the BRANDED overpriced clothing and accessories.

After 15 mins of loitering we finally settled for a coffee and a sandwich from the multiplex's cafe . My initial discomforts on watching a 'chick flick' were put into rest when around half of the viewers were men or women who sounded like men. The show began with the trailer of "Point Blank". (probably something we will watch, esp it sounded like a Spanish movie) I hate it when there are no or just 1/2 trailers. I usually watch movies for the trailers as well and HK leaves me disappointed in this arena.

Anyway, the movie starts with the lead character having a somewhat humbling sleepover, and goes through her emotional travails with a sense of good humor, as she tries to see the positive side in her best friend's wedding. Agree its no "The Hangover", but it certainly is not one of those Hugh Grant movies, and actually falls into the categories of "Bridget Jones Dairies" movies.

So ladies go watch it for some good fun and guys if you are into a relationship suggest this movie to your better halves and get some brownie points or else wait for its appearance on Netflix, HBO or Star Movies. ( don't sue me pls)

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sudeep said...

and i checked out "aisha" - a sort of hindi chick flick ....was ok for a change....