Monday, September 19, 2011

Here in Hangzhou the car owners have a great diversity in their taste. I have seen cars from the humble suzuki alto and swift to the high end hummers, land rovers

BMW is like Honda City (compared to Blr here). Very common. However the most common cars are something called as "Buick" (seems it is a General Motors' brand). Also many s/w engineers have skoda fabias and skoda octavias and lauras.But the buick brand is the most common one here. Also there is one more brand called geely and some antique looking car called cooper.

I do not see renault's here.. ALL THE OTHER CARS in India are here and more

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GD said...

Its cheap buying car in China. Pick any car in India, you can buy that car in China for 40-60% of the price. This is basically due to local car production presence in China for foreign brands. China is currently the largest automobile market with monthly sales averaging 1.5 million units. In contrast India sells around 1.5 lakh/month at best. So bigger market leads to bigger local production leading to reduced costs.

In India most of the cars incure 120% duty for those CKD units. Heard its going to go up to 180% making the luxury cars more expensive .

On the flip side luxury cars is the best way to tap back black money, since the duty is built into the price and the duty goes to the govt :).