Wednesday, November 26, 2008

kiththala ,viththala, apajakari, nallikari, kiitos .... the finnish words sound funny. The names sound funnier Pekka, Jari, Juoni , Ville, Ulla , Heli, Jukka on..(difficult to figure out who is male or female by looking at the names).Somehow languages like english,german, french, swedish have words which end in consonants...Here in finnish like dravidian languages, the words end in vowels.

The people are huge and gentle and very reserved. Somebody has told them not to talk. They won´t open their mouth at all.I am currently living in a village called Kajaani (j is pronounced as y : so it is Kayaani). It has only 2 colored people(I think). I am at a client site. The company is called ElektroBit. They do really hifi stuff. Kajaani is somewhere really north of finland. Needless to say it is cold and keeps getting colder...I can walk with a tshirt with a temp of 0 to -1 (ofcourse with thermals) and stay outside like that for ateast 3 minutes...But -8 and -10 are little too much, I tell you.....I have internet connection and that keeps me occupied. I heard the temp goes to below -27 to -30. Really don´t understand why they built an office here.....It is like building an office in Rajasthan Desert or Himalayas..Ask Narayna Murthy whether he will build an office there...He won´t ...It defies common sense...Not many people would love to have their offices in places of extreme temperatures....Yesterday the snow was like talcum powder...Today it is shining (which means another 2 degrees lower)

Life is difficult for Indians here. No doubt abt it. I have a long wait to go home in feb.

I get stares here.One lady actually asked me in the railway station with a guessing look "Indian?" I said yes...Then the lady goes back and tells her friends with a look which I guess means "I was right, he is an Indian".

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