Wednesday, August 11, 2004


ninne .. full josh alli conference nadita ittu ..
naanu , teju , chakku and shiva ...
chakkku hopeless fella ( i dont know y i am using such good words for chakku :d)
one reason being .. this link has been given to so many ppl to view ..
teju ge hidknodu hodiri swalpa .. :D ..
really cant be harsh ..

irli .. now .. y is sex considered 'not sacred' ????????
dont give me the adam and eve bullshit ....

someone having a platonic love on some girl .. is okay ante ..
but having sexual thots is kharab ante ...

(only for arguments sake .. neither i have any thots on anyone .. my every HOT thot .. is abt my application HOT ..which maintains records of every urgent shipments in airborne )

yella okay idhu yaake ?? uppi style alli
yaake .. love compassion ge .. there are so many orphans..hudugi ne aaaga beka ..
both r rite or both or wrong ...

i know i am not being clear over here ..neither am I ...

i want revenge ..
vieing for blood ..
and eye for an eye .. a tooth for a tooth .......
now switching to 'satyam shivam sundaram'
bhuddam sharanam gacchami ..
okay me transformed like 'king ashoka', gandhi, ML King Jr ..
ahimsa parama dharma , let peace prevail, satyameva jayate,

yella harkoli ..
when is the doooms day ..any idea ??? can it be today .. ??

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