Saturday, August 21, 2004


...was a hubba....It is called Nagara panchmi.

Left office early and had sweets at 3 relatives place and
came back late to house.Drove the esteem after a long time.
And I was a sleepy agitated frustrated driver.
Because of Gus-gusay payasa and chakli after a lonnnnng time.

The lorries have started parking in straight lines at 10
in the night near the Mysore Road and 100 ft ring road junction
(I am talking of the stretch after PESIT and Pallavi Dhaaba..)

Then I watched a spanish movie called Matador.
I have watched two spanish movies and both of them
by a director called Pedro Almodovar
All I can say about the spanish and turkish movies are that ,
our sense of humor,life and even lifestyle are very different from theirs.
Very odd movies.

Now on a sat, i am at office with some weird news I get on my email everyday :-)
for every action
there is an equal and opposite reaction

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