Thursday, August 26, 2004

hyd blues 2

well swalpa family oriented .but still tp ..
heard some one saying collateral was good what sense may i enquire..
apart from girls who r crazy abt tom cruise ..havent seen any other soul saying that .. bollywood cries loud ..or probably its reality in US .. still have to figure out ..

hit man cruise is murdering some ppl and cabbie jamie fox is taking him arnd ... the whole of LA .. even after the police come to know abt it .. they cannot find him where in LA he is ... for half the movie .. a cool 4-5 hours .. in real ..
well US police arent effective ..

and cruises stamina . wow amazing ..he can survie a bullet in his head for 15-20 mins.. he can sprint .. like maurice green .. he deserves no gold in spriting ..
thats something alva ..

in future u can c the spams . a bullet fired at mithunda ..comes out taking his tumor away ... nooo not that..
u wud c .. a bullet fired into tomcruise head doesnt find a part to affect him .. finally he dies bcos .. he decides to die ..

teju biased towards .. TOM CRUISE ...buss bidu ...u are only as short as tom cruise ..:p:p .......hey btw u trying to be like him in real life ???

its good to know.. richie is actually going to hyd to catch with oracle friends .. intresting ansolva ?? yaradu kela bahuda richie ??

kummi take it as a trng for ur infy job mann .
intervie call banta ..??

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