Friday, August 20, 2004

Codey's off to USA

Codey's off to the USA for doing MS ....
Boston's the place...

Harsha Kalkoti wrote:


Day has finally arrived for me to say goodbye to infosys.Frankly speaking the moment has not sunk into me ... sometimes things happen so fast and u probably wont know what ur gonna lose. But what
I am very sure of missing is all u wonderful people.

Its been a epic journey for me past two years, lots of downs and few ups ....u guys have all been
there to share my joys and help me in troubled times. U people were probably only people who were
gonna understand the tension, frustration and anxiety I was going through. I just want to THANK u
all !!

I have always beleived in following my dreams and ambitions. But sometimes I am forced to modify them ;-) bcos of factors u guys probably know.

There are few regrets though, as to y the **** we didnt go to bayana beach in goa, y didnt I join
more trips fyi went to.

What I gonna miss is Beautiful manja's .....beautiful thoughts ....beautiful insights about
marriage and sex life ... beautiful mails .... beautiful lunch we would have ....basically gonna
miss beautiful..

Lunch without vikram is not complete ....his succinct poems and his one liners about anythings
for that matter ... were amazing ....and surely going miss them....thinking of witty statements
and intelligent conversion ... and imdb reminds me of sudeep .... his dream of writing a script
better that M N Shamalan and his interest in movies .... and he's all famous distinction of red
pill and blue pill day .... and hez ability to understand my off days ... my frustration and
insanity ... thanks for all the above dude .....

When I think of achivements n go getters I think v wont have to go any further ... we have our
very own GG ... inspirational ..charismatic ...funny ....tall ...dark ..handsome ....( I have
added the last 3 to make it sound good ...GG dont take them seriously) ... we are already missing
u sir!

Shakila is first person I talked to in infy bus .... remember that day ...v had so much fun ...
hard working as if life depends on it .... amazing attitude towards life ..
wil miss ur sexy back ...
(pls note this rhymes :-))

Sid n his amazing kicks n my main reason to increase my appetite ... After seeing him and eating
with him in goa ... I havent looked back ever since ..:-))

I dont have much too say about PP bcos he is yet to pay my dues 140 Rs ....
chetan r u listening !!!!
I will miss the dumb questions .... guy who makes me feel I am intelligent ....guy who has
problems with security for being under age .... guy who can block anything ...guy who cant get
the context ....list goes on n on ...I dont have to mention this guy ... or should I ??

Our fake fyi prez .... who has come with all kinds of rules n regulations ...while v r following
them religiously here .... hez breaking all of them there ....:-)) ...How the **** can I forget
his dumb stupid pjs!!!!!!!!! I have been permentantly brain damaged !!

Mama and Venky the kinky couple of our group .... they have always been to togather and done
things safely ... I am happy for them ... Venky pls mama show dance step I thought u in the Ching
lu bar ......

I know he likes it a lot !!! Probably when u guys r gonna read this ...I am out of here...

And ur dear Narendra ... who has taken the hard job of reviving the fyi ...kudos to u sir !!!
surely gonna miss ur insightful answers and investigational abilities ....

There are loads of things, instances and moments to remember, cherish ..savour ...
Like I promised, I will come up with the book on fyi ... past and our bright furture .....

Sorry for the typos...

I would like to wish success to all of u, in all ur future endeavors ......

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