Sunday, August 22, 2004

back to classics.. diellemmaaaaaaaa

the reason for writing it as diellemmma was to avoid showing u that i wasnt sure of the word .. too lazy to look at .. ohhh i need to take cat .. wait i shall look and be back ...shit where did the xtra e come from .. its dilemma ..

i tried reading a management book... hmmm all i can say is that u need lotsa concentration books are in so simple words .. its really a challenge to understand what those book mean..

coming to subject ...
my sal's gonna reduce due to location transfer .. seattle to phx ..i am losing a whopping .1500$ in gross.. bo boooo boooooo..
i want to confront my PM and ask him to shove me off to offshore .. ( i know he wont agree ) ...the guilty reson for not staying here wud be .. i wud be missing those mgmt exams .. ( well my gf says .. u r smart ... we dont need no education ... lets keep that aside ..) ...

if i stay back ...i can stretch myself ill Jan end ..(miss u guys ..after that i cant miss ur company any more ..;-) ) .. learn mainframes a punter in that ..
forget cat/other exams for an year.. and all the good reasons like visiting, LA , SFO, san diego and grand canyon .. and last but not the least ..
i can collect money to buy a maruti car ..

well irli .. y am i so thoroughly confused .. uhhhhhhhh.. i suck ..
sorry if this puts papanna to thots .. i want to take a decision now here that i wont think about it again ....

the most easiest.. wud be to stay bak... that wud help me not confront my bosses ..
laze around make some good trips and some good cash ...

the second option is to rebel .. am sure..i wont be sent back ..
i wud be tarnishing .. my image ..of not being a team player ..well its been time and again indicated to me i am not one .. well i will live upto my fame .. ( i myself cant believe this ..but well yes others find me sooo )
then probably come back to hyderabad for a while .. prepare and give my exams ..
clear atleat one of he IIMs or SJ Mehta .. and gonna lose 160 infy shares in the long run.........

now atlast i am finding some enthu in the work and the responsibility i carry ..
so posponing studies for a year shhudnt be that difficult ..
so .. i shall pull this dreadly year through ..amd i make sure i land on blore soil directly at the end of January.. by then atleat i shud have seen sumanth off to US ..
well sudeepa irtane .. kummi .. aug tanka irtane ..

okay makkla ..its cobol,cics, jcl time .. shall be back ..
watch this space..

highlights of the weekend .. not much .. phone cobol..mgmt book .. porbably office .. need to buy oakley .. have a driving class ..
am getting into debt . ....
waiting desperately for the salary .. next month i wud be working freeee ...
all idhu yenu anta .. nyaya na ?? :((((((((((((((((( mummmmmmmmmmyyy.. magu alta idhe ..

kannada movie nodale beku ..

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