Tuesday, August 24, 2004

teju ..produced a s/w hurray

that can write sentences in reverse order..
due if it was a manual effort ..go screwe urself and get an orgy ..
u desperately need one .....

irli ..samsara ..yellare tale lu gobbra ne ..
mamandira .. life rocks ...

kummi dummi as usual late entry ..
aaa suvar richie .. ondu line kinta jasti bariyo chappar ..
even usha is tired of ur one liners .. u still cant get the message .. get outta it .. dude .....u do really ROCK sometimes ..

matte makkla ...any adventures .. keep posting .....

had a business meeting .. introduction was like this
hi .. myself Jim 24 yrs with DHL .. hmmm impressive rite ..
myself warren .. started when rick was at highshooll .. rick had said he had 14 yrs of exp ..
me .. deepak ..from infy with dhl for 2 yrs ..
well but ..these guys dont hvae petty egos .. they ROCK ..
they are open to knowledge abt their busineess abt theri process ..
all they want is imporvement .. amru managers are really goood ..
smooth .. and there were so many femmmies arnd .. ratio was say .. 7:5 (M:W) types ..
and infy .. as usual sucks in this .. can anyone take a guess its damn easy isnt it .. 8:1 .. well no comments ..

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