Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Our country India is deeply rooted in spirituality.
If given a chance I would love to uproot it.

We can make everything connect to spirituality.
To give some examples :-

->Sex was spiritual to one guy.

->Breathing is an exercise (i very much agree) but Connecting
spirituality and breathing is once again done by another guy.

->Okay another tried and tested spirituality was "touching"....
You touch a forehead of a person and you call it spiritual....
I have seen that moustached man i SS music who touches people
and they faint cos' they are spiritualised.

->Another fakir waved the hand in thin air and used to get ashes which
devotees would apply on their foreheads.

->Cow's urine is spiritual and it has ayurvedic properties.So you can
encircle your mouth to its genitals and have a mouthful of FRESH urine.

->Another fakir used to fertilize wives of big officers and his semen was
considered sacred.This guy was arrested.

->The raelians.These guys believed that UFOS are god.They cloned
humans.Modern scientfic spirituality.Visit for
more information and other strange creations of mankind.

->And the latest and really whacko was this website which I came across
which talks about GAZING the SUN and connecting it to spirituality.

I am not opposing these guys.Probably I might be following one of these
someday becos of frustrations and everything.
But they claim they have SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES to prove why they breathe/
have sex/gaze at the sun ....etc. which is currently irritating me.

There is a guru who thinks he has it all in him.
Not that he is proud.He may be proud that he is really down-to-earth guy.
He may be really proud that he is really simple and modest.
Those cases are also there.
These gurus are mostly from India.

And about the FOLLOWERS.

These people are not just related to one country....
They are forced to believe that they are actually spiritually inclined,
(till now they never realised it but now there is a BIG CHANGE coming in their life)
and actually they can unleash spirituality.They are forced to believe
that they lead a stressful life and they require healing.
Then these poor souls BELIEVE that they
are spiritual and they PUT their heart and soul into what the guru says.
So they experience the ****spirituality****.

Just see the movie BLAST FROM THE PAST.
You will get what i mean.

I have decided if nothing works I will start spirituality classes.
I will become a guru.
For example I can say that the tip of human fingers have nerves
which can stimulate the brain so i have designed special
keyboard typing classes so that you can be sharp yet PEACEFUL
all the time.The keyboards are not ordinary keyboard.It is made
of wood from coconut trees in ceylon way back in 1952.
And Dr.Kaiser from the German Mental Hospital has
undergone my Keyboard typing course and his life is changed forever.

The best part is that some people MIGHT actually take my words seriously,
and BELIEVE that their lives were changed by taking my keyboard classes.

I am psyched.I will enroll myself to a spirituality class.

hey gd, link andre ee blog linka? :-o
what was the sacred connection ?
I didnt get it!!!

Finally one quiz

I turned out to be a liberal quaker!

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