Friday, August 27, 2004

chappar teju..

this is like Sudeepa giving explanations about .. Matrix 2 .. when u and Sumant said it was a classic Mithun da movie ..

well he was sold to Matrix 2 and U r for .. Collateral .. tappe nu illa ..
I am sold to hydrebad blues.. 'dil pe mat le yaar .. haath me le ' hahaha .
hope can follow it 100% .. imagine ..any depressing incident happens and u whack off and release the tension.. lovely concept .. irli ..but time/place/position yella constraints ..
samsara anda mele ...

kummi ..thanks mom .. application bantu ..:-) ..mostly manege kalustini .. alli anda iim b ge kalsi bidu ..

innen makkla .. dotn watch collateral .. :)) .. go for machurian candidate..or bourne supremacy .. but NO NO to collateral .. well Euro Trip nodta idde ninne adhu yen astodnu chennagi illa

barla ..kelsa aithe ..

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