Saturday, October 27, 2007

There are still good people in the world....

The day before yesterday, as I was driving near Chinnaswamy stadium, a car collided at a medium speed to my car's bumper damaging the rear bumper. I stopped my car and I was very angry because, just a week ago in the same place my bumper was damaged by a mammoth sized army truck. I had got it repaired and paid quite a bit for the damage.

Now this time by a Wagon-R !!! As I went to talk to the driver, the driver told that he will call me and took my mobile phone number and drove away. I realized I had not even taken his car registration plate.

Then after 1 hour, he got back to me identified himself as a Software Engineer working for Iflex. He transfered 4000/- from his account within half an hour. (The charges were 6000/= and I told 3500/= would be enough from his side, but he gave me 4 grand)

Kishore ... Thanks pal.
He also thanked me for trusting him in that situation.

Meanwhile my car, sports a grin with a broken tooth .... I will have to leave it to the garage within 10 days after it came out :-(

Bangalore rains suck... Bangalore Traffic sucks harder (especially when it rains) .... It is very difficult for aam-junta to brave a different kind of traffic problem everyday. I hope there is a permanent solution to this ever increasing problem.


sarvagnaani said...

hmm..dont you think giving ur account number to some unknown person is..umm..not a good idea?

laksnj said...

Go the Bicycle/BMTC way!
The BMTC volvo rocks.

sudeep said...

kummi : not really maga...just acct number inda you can't do anything about it ... thats in fact no's like telling your name

laksnj : Bicycle from RRNagar to Domlur ? It is a good 26 km journey. Volvo is good, but there is none from my place...I have to switch buses !

sarvagnaani said...

hmmm..may isnt such a problem..
adding what NJ said..
at least go the 2 wheeler way..

laksnj said...

True, Bicycle is not a practical option. That too in namma bengaluru..betw, there are still some good people in this world. Avi lost his wallet at a marriage hall, and he got it back. Well, almost! But the guy's effort in reaching Avi was commendable.