Saturday, November 10, 2007


Happy Diwali guys!!!

It was a great 3 day fun starting from Thursday and I had a gala time. Super oota for three days but very loud and noisy diwali everywhere here in Bangalore.

For me, it was the first diwali and it was fun and nice too. Two weeks ago I drove to Hosur, bought MANY crackers at 95% discount and also got a taste of Electronic City traffic. The elevated highway is a huuuuge project (it is more than 8kms, I guess) and the government has done a wise thing by splitting the project by giving it to 4 different contractors. There will be mutual competition and nobody can give a silly reason and escape.

Also, as I have seen many diwalis in my life, I notice that the crackers are getting more innovative every year. Nowadays, Diwali is not just about flower-pot, sur-sur bhatthi and lakshmi pataaki. There are much more innovative stuff. The Standard Fireworks factory has tied up with Chinese firecracker companies and have started crackers which launch something and there is an aerial display of color.

But of course, there is a lot of noise and smoke. I feel very bad about the pollution levels in the city. There are assurances that the noise levels are not more than some prescribed limit of decibels and there are prints saying that no child labor has been exploited. But something has to be done about the smoke. Or I guess, we should start using less fireworks ?

And this weekend, managed to catch the movie "Wag the Dog" on DVD. It's been quite a while since I watched an English movie and enjoyed it. If you find it , it's worth watching.Today there's Teja's wedding. Hope Kummi's Electra 5s has arrived. I am looking forward to see Kummi on it.

Small notes for memory's sake! :-
  • Chola Batoora - Day0 with kalsdanna for Dinner
  • Bisibelebaath, Holige and champaakali - Day1 (Naraka Chaturdashi)
  • Veg Ravioli Tomato Sauce and Banana Walnut Cake - Day 3 (At Herbs and Spices, Indiranagar)
  • Gobi Mutter and Chapathi - Day 3 (Bali padya)
Next week we have booked a rail ticket for Shimoga, in view of Avinash, Harsha Ramangagoudr's wedding. And hoping to enjoy some Nadahalli food also.

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