Friday, November 23, 2007

TWTW (The week that was)

Better late than never....

Because of blogger and blogspot being blocked in office, it has become quite a task to blog!!!!

The beginning of this week I had been to three weddings all in and around Shimoga. The beginning of this week , witnessed a lot of different bakshagaLu and tested my gastronomic limits.

The creme-de-la-creme was me having a little bit of tambaaku (with some excruciatingly fiery betel leaves) unknowingly. It was like a shot in the head to say the least.

Last week, Tejaswi, Kumar and me packed our bags to Shivamogga, Nadahalli and the nearby places. I will upload a few photos for your viewing. We had been to Teju's very old house in Nadahalli. (the above one).

Teju had a quiet birthday , most of it was celebrated using phone calls ... :-)

There are a lot of things to say abt the trip, but I gotta go !!!

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