Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lead India

The initiative looks pretty good, but I guess it could become a case in which a leader is chosen by the media.

The leader might become a "media-groomed" leader. Moreover, using internet-print and TV could help them gain recognition and all that but the advertisement claiming to "Do something" doesn't work at the top level especially when we get hung scenario and one guy is desperately ready to get the power at the cost of losing all his morals and principles. To all the intellectuals out there, talking English and education won't help. Street-smartness is required up there. Otherwise we would have had ALL the double-degree and the triple-degree people in all the discipline vying for the top post!!!!!!

I understand the power and importance of Media in democracy, but media actually helping people to select a leader just shows people are ready to believe what the Times Group "informs" them. What if whatever the Times Group is giving to us is a fake ?

I would rather vote for an experienced and betrayed Yediyurappa than someone else.

PS :- Office alli blogger block maad-bittidaare...Olle goLu :-(


direkishore said...

Did I read a different PS ;)

sudeep said...

u did ... swalpa diplomatic version ge change maad-de :-)

Anonymous said...

This is just an effort from Benett and Coleman to promote Rahul Gandhi and his Congress "youth" honchos. A fine example of covert marketing... or is it a covert election meeting?