Sunday, October 14, 2007

The so many things we've learnt

This Saturday I caught with Tejaswi and we were discussing about "those old and enjoyable college days". We were discussing about some subjects we studied like Instrumentation and Transducers, Karnaugh Maps , some Zener diodes etc. Of course it is a long distant memory (as far as I am concerned), but I missed the feel of sitting on a bench and listening to a professor.

And yesterday I had a dream about learning Calculus (i.e. Maths) in some old thatched roof engineering college in Bhopal. (Bhopal was on my mind for some other reason, of course...haha).

But today before I start my work, I kinda miss subjects like Pure Maths (like Calculus). Are they directly or in-directly affecting my performance. I am intrigued and in a mood of self-retrospection. My skills of Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry and Arithmetic definitely needs a brush up. I feel you should keep your basics sharp and your mind alert.

I am looking forward for some study program of such sorts. Any pointers on this ? Any active internet group might be good enough.

More importantly, Does anyone feel the necessity of high school Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus and feel and also "sense" its necessity of application ?

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