Saturday, January 12, 2008

Office outburst

It can happen to anybody and at anytime. Of course, some people get more angry than others and some people get more frequently angry than others. Some people's anger is harmless whereas some people might get outraged.

This becomes quite a concern at office since the bonding is restricted only to the work-ethics and sometime not even an ounce more than that. Moreover it can be detrimental to one's career and one has to be especially careful in this ugly maze of corporate structure.

First, let us just look from a person's perspective on what he should do when :-
a) He lets out an emotional outburst of anger on his superiors due to any reason.
b)His superior(s) let out an emotional outburst against him.

In the first scenario he should well know that his juttu is his superior's hands before getting angry. Sometimes, an individual might have decided to make himself angry because he controlled his anger on a previous occasion. Whatever it is, the body language indicates aggression and the words start coming out really fast from your mouth. In case, the anger cannot be controlled, my observation is this :-

It is best to make it up as quickly as possible, because it won't stay much time in people's minds

In the second scenario, if his superior(s) let out an outburst of anger against him especially with five other people who are rumor-starved by nature, the best way to deal with it is to have an informal chit-chat with his superior and discover why this happened at the first place.

The most important thing of the lot is understanding why both the sides (the employee and the managers) got angry and get into a problem-solving mode.

Finally, I also believe that if the mutual sides are intelligent (not foolhardy creatures) they can actually work-out a solution.

Happy Grrrrrr-ing :-) But don't become like that dean of Munnabhai......That's really stupid !!!!!

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