Thursday, February 05, 2009

Chicken and egg problem

A project where the software is still maturing is a place for a wonderful opportunity of growth OR wonderful opportunity to analyze and take away learnings about the limit of chaos.

Let us start with an analogy.

Try putting 1 cook from each country of the world each with a different specialty, in one room. Give them a task : They have 1 egg to boil. It is easy , the cooks think and go into the kitchen unsuspectingly, each one of them boasting about their background and the dishes they have cooked in the past. Some cooks have not seen eggs in their life and some cooks dont like to make boiled eggs.

They have several meetings before they enter the kitchen.Some have formed a mutual admirable society and some have formed secret societies which discuss plots for assassination of other cooks and some are worried about the egg is rotten, some hope there is a golden egg in the kitchen.

Most of the cooks are concerned about the worldwide production of eggs and some of them are amused that the shape of the economy is looking like an egg! What a bloody situation , they think and put on their aprons and enter the kitchen. Some cooks have taken initiatives about the time required for the egg to be boiled and some cooks also have conducted theoretical trainings on how a boiled egg looks like.

And then'

They discover there is no egg in the kitchen! The egg is inside a chicken which is in the kitchen. They can here the coc-coc-coc-coc. Each fellow is giving a different funda on where to find the chicken. As they start finding the chicken some people have started throwing rotten eggs at the cooks as they dodge the eggs and still try to find the egg. Right now, the cooks are still trying to find the chicken with egg shots all over their body. Some cooks really wonder what in the name of good lord is happening...

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