Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, the lunch break is over at office and I sit here.The whole day you are busy attending meetings and teleconferences and all that and the work accomplished at the end of the day is NOTHING. Waaaaaaawww!!!

I remember the days when I used to blog with passion and keenness. Today I am blogging for the sole purpose of staying awake in front of this monitor. As I type this I am falling asleep, but I mind my spellings you see :-). The red spelling mistake lines marked by my browser are distracting.

I was thinking about Yograj Bhatt today morning. The Mungaaru Male director claims he has found out a method to generate electricity from the pressure of vehicles moving on the road. I am not making this one up. Check out Yograj Bhatt and his electric idea. How about having a broadband service based on the car horns ? Or heating water after starting a quarrel ?

Heheh, jokes apart this is a good idea at least for the movie.
Life goes on in the corporate circle. I shall wait for the afternoon coffee (and biscuits)

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