Saturday, August 01, 2009

KPL ??

Any opinion on KPL ?

I totally agree to Kumble's opinion :-

Kumble warned that the tournament, “in its current form, would allow a backdoor entry into the KSCA for people not passionate about cricket”.

Why are people just promoting 20/20 format ? Any money for sponsorship would just be drained for 20/20 format :-( Test cricket is slowly becoming an antiquity.

Seriously, we need to support test cricket. By 20/20 format, we will forget the worlds of Yorkers, In Swing, Out Swing, Maiden Overs and getting beaten ...Ball weathering out, tiring out bowlers and fielders, slip fielder placements, off spin, leg spin and the googlies....Lunch/Tea and all the things which are actually cricket in a conventional sense. The Wisden Cricket, the real cricket. I heard that ICC wants to get away with a 5 day test cricket format which is not a positive development.

The real cricketing pundits are conspicuously missing. All we hear is about BCCI politics and some bloody Bollywood stars who just want to make money and fame and view Cricket as an investment. And Indian Media is shamelessly more interested in dishing out the politics like coach v/s team v/s captain and all that cr@p. Why can't it just focus on the cricket.

I am happy nowadays happy watching some great test cricket videos on Youtube.

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GD said...

For me T20 is more of the real cricket people play (aam aadmi) over their course of life. I strongly support T20 format going into state level, district level, taluk/panchayat level..

Most of the matches you play during school/college days with the tennis ball are of T20 nature. Even the school/college level competitive cricket is also played over these kind of overs.. so strongly support it.. More people will get access to professional sports and money.. (else imagine a Kumble/Sachin playing for 25 years blocking the positions leaving 10 slots to be competed by a million/billion population)

having said that I dont think T20 will kill test cricket.. (it will kill mostly one dayers, which I dont mind...)