Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blogging at an odd time. Yes, that's probably because of many things running on my mind.

Concentration dip is the most reasonable explanation I can think of. a)There are some days when I can literally envision a TODO list in front of my eyes. b)And there are days when the mood is bad and I want to do nothing. c)And there are some days when I want to do nothing because I feel happy and jovial and merry. Today I would tick option b.

Planning to leave early before the rain pulls yet another fast one. I have been getting caught in the rain for more than 5 times. The last time I got caught for straight 3 hrs. Eating bisi kallekai in the market below the flyover wearing a wet shirt and trouser. It was kind of fun. Uncles lifting their lungies above the knee because of the incessant rains and the mini streams.

Dasara has brought a lot of rain. And wetness. I wait for Friday => Which is also a holiday.


Kriti said...

I would tick option (b) too.
I am tired and bored of work, and not in the mood to work in the slightest today.

And strangely enough, its raining in Pittsburgh too - maybe I should go out for a walk...

Ruchira said...

Now I login using my wife's id to answer this comment. hehheh