Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Weekend Chennai tales

Had been to Chennai on the Diwali weekend. Train travel after a long time and this time with my daughter...She gets hyper on train : Initially she is hyper active , then after some time hyper bored and hyper crying. But interesting train journey.

Chennai has some typical things : The men wear the sparkling white Dhotis and lungies and ride on two wheelers: Something not seen much in Bangalore; The white shirts have a blue tinge because of Robin blue drops added to the detergent soap water....and then the moustaches and the distinct chennai way of saying "saar" ... Enjoyed all this and more. What sambaar in the hotels, yaar! They use tamarind and the right amount of huli pudi...Never get that in Bangalore.

I used to like one Illayaraja song when I was in Chennai the last time when I was in Chennai way back in 1996-1997 timeframe and my uncle was doing his mtech. Was remembering that song and humming it all the while....


M. Daniyal Iqbal said...

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richie said...

Their food has that extra level of spice, which I found to be very tasty. But I haven't stayed there long enough to know if it is good, because it tastes different from normal Blore food or just intrinsically good.

GD said...


Believe me Singapore has a "little Chennai" in it.. i could see ppl in white dhotis all over singapore..

Had some amazing oota at Madras Woodlands hotel..