Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feel much more comfortable in my little blog than any other part of the web.

Work is supposed to start : There are 4 or 5 people sitting on the top of my head regarding CQI 0 (I am supposed to reply to that guy) and the other chinese over enthusiastic guy whose email always has a hehe or haha...dunno wtf to do with that guy.

What rains yday. Came home drenched after almost riding the activa into ditch for getting that invaluable piece of road to move forward in the crowd.

Life goes On - Mid December is here : General LUL. Nothing is more boring than starting a workday with a lackadaisical groan.

My Outlook reminder box pops up to remind me that I am forgetful and there is a team meeting in the canteen.

Ok off to the canteen with a cup of coffee

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