Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quite some time

It has been quite some time since I found my way back in the blog.
Several reasons :- Been getting up really very early for go quite a few days. Finally a big phew.

Apart from that, all the members of adda are happily married now. Teju's marriage happened a week ago and it was a nice time. GD and Richie were missed.

Apart from that there have been no good updates or no new stories to tell, except the fact that I am picking up on my Hindi speaking without putting an effort. Well, I cannot speak Hindi with people who know that I can't speak Hindi. But with new people who speak to me in Hindi, I can speak back in Hindi and the conversation can go on.

But of course when the going gets tough, a few sanskrit words come to the Hindi and it sounds odd. Example sometimes you use the word "katin" instead of the urdu word "mushkil". It sounds like you have seen too much of Mahabharatha in your childhood and cannot get over it.


sarvagnaani said...

>But of course when the going gets tough, a few sanskrit words come to the Hindi and it sounds odd.
hehe..i have a similar problem..i mix hindi words with telugu and sometimes i have done vice versa too..but before i utter it..i realise the mistake and stop..with a blank/confused look :p

Srini at the Movies said...

the other problem with us southies attempting hindi is mixing 'ta' with 'tha' and 'ka' with 'kha' in pronunciation :-)

clangorous said...

Wonder how many northies try to learn any south indian languages. Why should we even feel bad/embarrassed for not being able to speak a language which is as alien to us as any other Indian Languages.

Hindians have achieved what they wanted to by spreading a lie that Hindi is our National Language. They dont have to learn any other language when they are getting responses in their language. Dont know when people would realise their imperialistic attitude..