Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today morning in the cab I closed my eyes and I was thinking abt a lot of things not in any particular order.

Off late, I have been really busy and I want to do something which I like with passion and that refreshing feeling of freedom.

When a thing which needs to be done becomes a responsibility with people having the right to expect something abt it, it becomes a work/routine

Times are strange and recession is staring at us like a vulture waiting a prey to die. Things can change anytime. But we need to take everything in stride. Thats what corporate professionalism is all about. Flash a smile when you have a red hot iron rod poked into your @$$. He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being human.

Meanwhile I am trying to follow the elections keenly this time and really making an effort to vote wisely. Varun Gandhi is a mystery as a leader, but I like his guts.

I saw from my cab seat a girl sitting in the back of a scooter reading a text book, probably studying last minute for the exam. By her appearance I could make out she was from a village and going to a government school. But I saw what she was studying. She was studying some kind of Integral and Double Integral stuff. I was really happy.As we go on in our lives leading the lives of concrete bricks on huge walls, I was thinking on some ideas on what I can do to actually contribute to the society. I closed my eyes and I envisioned myself wearing a Khadi kurta and riding on a cycle in some distant village far from Bangalore advocating the effects of accessibility to a literate/semi-literate population and what can be the advantage if children in the remotest corners of India can have access to the latest IEEE or MIT's course....I believe we could have a better India. Seriously I should do this one day. Also decentralization of metros can be possible.

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