Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2014 elections, India

This is certainly something to look for. As Pushpa smartly commented during an election awareness advertisement on the Zee News, it certainly grabbed my attention. There was Aamir Khan requesting the public to "Think before Ink". I commented, wow this is interesting, then the wife comments "2014 and not 2009 will be the one to watch out for". I agree, I am eagerly waiting for the 2014 elections. What has just happened in the Indian political scenario is just a begining. A few very interesting movements which I have personally noted down

1. Independents contensting from perstigious constituencies - even if it is for the heck of it (which does not seem to be), there are more people from the Corporate world who have shown interest in contesting. More people from private life entering the public domain.
2. Public fund raising for election campaigns - Received a mail for contributions from a close aid of an MP contesting from Chitradurga (my home district). Really interesting.
3. Awareness campaigns - Some one like Aamir Khan can certainly draw a lot of interest across a huge spectrum of voters - Young and old, rural and urban voters, men and women, which will hopefully be seen in the voter turnout.
4. Web campaings - has been gaining prominence
5. Younger contestants - though we are still voting for 70+ candidates - the likes of Advani, manmohan singh etc there certainly seem to be more younger lot taking the plunge - Krishna byre gowda, rahul gandhi, Janardhana swamy etc. This would only improve in 2014 with the oldies hopefully retired by then ( I personally feel and hope that this would/should be the last election for the likes of advani, deve gowda etc)
6. Real agendas (security, infrastructure, taking priority in deciding votes rather than current equations of cash, liquor, caste etc. This will improve going forward

There are a lot more positives which have happened and will continue to happen in the coming years. Ceratinly next two decades will be very interesting for India.


Bridget Jones said...

I really admire how positive you are about things. When I think about how India is shaping up, I remember women beaten up for wearing western clothes, Mumbai being taken hostage, non-Marathi's being "asked to leave" Mumbai, and politicians showing off cash in the parliament.

Yes, things are bad :) Maybe things are getting better (I certainly hope thats true). Maybe when we have hope, we work to make things come true?

Lets hope serious issues come to the forefront of elections this year, and the same old caste-ist politics are forgotten.

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