Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Election time

If your area falls in the B'lore South Constituency, then have a look at this candidate, Krishna Byregowda. Lot of talk happening about him in the office corridors over a cup of coffee: Looks to be a decent chap. An M.A. in International Affairs from Washington DC is a good education and also he has some experience, like President, Karnataka Pradesh Youth Congress 2007-Current

I don't know in which constituency my locality is a part of.

I heard some rumours that Captain Gopinath was made to stand for elections, by Devegowda. It seems the campaign is fully sponsored by Devegowda for Capt. Gopinath although the captain is contesting as an independent. Maybe the intention of Devegowda maybe vote splitting for BJP AnanthKumar?

There is another Swami from Tumkur who is sponsored by Devegowda it seems .... Devegowda is upto something these days.

However, Kumaraswamy is a decent chap IMHO.

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sarvagnaani said...

>I don't know in which constituency my locality is a part of.
try this..

if it does not show the parliamentary constituency..then select that check box and click on the PC tab..
jaagore.com has links to all these things..