Wednesday, November 18, 2009

These 2 months is about rain. It's been raining. I remember the day when I was drenched to the bone; big water droplets splashing my helmet. It was exhilarating->later too much-> later terrifying->later hysterical. The shout, the choke.

Just made me realize how much of an instinctive person I am. The logical part of my brain told me "I do not have common sense". The animal instinct part told me to do something instinctive/irrational. Even if it meant soaking my laptop, skidding and falling in the slimy mud.

I've always been this sort of a person at work:

Think ->Think->.....Until I become tired and impatient to think further and no decision is taken. Then do something because no decision has been reached and there is no more time. The "do" part , well, it happens. If I were a king in the 17th century, I would have been like a bloody Tuglaq.

And I am tired of seeing better people at work. I need to get acquainted to more people like me at work. I work hard and still do something idiotic. Hope all this irritation ends.


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