Monday, November 09, 2009

Why are we proud of our Democracy?

Democracy has been the "beacon of light" for Indians over the past 60 years to hide behind massive corruption, poverty and a divisive society. I do not know whether we are seriously any better off compared to the Chinese regime or say the likes of Iran/Venezuela. We always project our freedom of press, speech, and human rights and cover our fallacies behind. But in reality the democracy just works for political parties.

There is no single party which gets to exploit the country and this is where the true democracy plays. As per its citizens they are still at the mercy of the politicians and hence there is no freewill or freedom. Politics takes over priority under the disguise of "broader goodness". So it becomes a priority to

a. resolve the party crisis compared to work on flood relief
b. protect your ally at the expense of $100 billion to the ex-chequer
c. keeping the alliance CM protected while he loots the state's natural resources
d. massacre the downtrodden, uneducated dalits and tribals by terming them naxalities and redistributing the nations's wealth to a few companies in which some ministers have special interests
e. exporting rice reserved for the BPL people to Africa in the name of aid and thereby enabling some trader to make Rs 2000 crore in the process
f. Dropping charges against your predecessors even if they have siphoned off crores of money in the past decades
g. using a non-corrupt PMs face and be massively corrupt in all other functions
h. exploit the north east India in the name of national development without providing any regional development

and the list goes on and on .. ( this is just a mini list that can be traced to in the last few months)

So as it seems, if in a democracy if you are not in a function to exploit the nation (politics or government or businesses / persons who can influence politics/govt ) then you are just a vote. It does not matter if you support the UPA, NDA or the third front. Everyone is a mini Chinese communist party with no major achievements (at least the CCP can claim economic progress at the cost of its people and country).

but there is still hope for light at the end of the tunnel !!! ... JAI HO !!!

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