Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's official

I have completed the coursework for my Master of Computer Science degree at Illinois Institute of Technology - Specialization in Computer Networking And Telecommunications .


The results for my Spring 2010 are out, I did not get the best marks(screwed up the subject which I would have liked to do really well), but good enough to complete the course. phew. It is a tough course and it feels good to add 2 years of academic education to your life. Would recommend this one to someone who is really motivated and would like to set their ass on fire even though work is piled up at office.

Now I will wait for the certificate. But as shown in 3 idiots, education is about the journey rather than the degree. MS was just like engineering, but a LOT more deeper. But definitely way better than the BE in terms of depth. To be frank it did take a toll on my weekends and I effortlessly get up at 3am these days. I bunked a few social gatherings (which have made the extended family angry), but seriously it is too much these days and I do not regret "not going" to a function AT ALL. Of course I will make up my absence and indifference and all that.


Bridget Jones said...

I don't know if the 3am waking up is your regular sleep cycle or because of your MS :) But congratulations !

Studying while working is very hard, and I'm amazed at your dedication !

Is a PhD next on your plans ? :D

richie said...

Congrats! TCP, OSPF and RIP ella gotta eega :)?

sudeep said...

@Bridget Jones: Thanks :) PhD , is a cool thing definitely on mind (sometimes), but I am not really sure

@richie: OSPF and RIP bagge odilla maga.... :-)

sarvagnaani said...

congratso..good kano..with so many things happening around you..ms ge time madkondidu..very good

GD said...


pace of life is amazing.. congratulations.. not sure how u managed...

you were the only different guy on the adda.. now u tooo "mango people"