Friday, May 07, 2010

Once upon a time there was a boy who used to go to school. He was little different from the others. He was devout and pious. He used to smear a lot of vibhuti on his forehead, he practiced yoga early in the morning in the valleys and used to run to school. He also wore the rudrakshi mala. The other boys ridiculed him.

They would ask him what would he do when he grew up. With a straight face he would reply, I will be a swami one day.

Then one day, he visited the village tent. He saw a movie in the tent. The heroine wore a tribal dress and showed some subtle expressions on screen and his life was changed. His textbooks always used to have fotos of gods. Now came the foto of the heroine of the movie. The gods and the heroine. Both were his favorites. He had told his friends that he will meet her at any costs.

Then one day, after his tenth exams, he left his town forever. He was away for 2 years. Rumors told that he traveled North and met the great rishis and the agoris in the North. He began to "radiate with enlightenment" [1] - He became really famous. He had a clear vision - and a belief about his spiritual influence on thousands of people.

Meanwhile the heroine of who wore the tribal dress suffered personal life problems and she became unacceptable to the item number hungry audience. Her second marriage was also unhappy. She struggled with her career and life....But a strange thing happened.

And the boy cam back as Swami Nithyananda. He was rich and powerful. With his grit and determination he won his high school sweetheart- The actress Ranjitha and he went on to fool and rule his followers.

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