Sunday, August 15, 2010

food binge..

during the last two weeks, the stomach has crunched through the globe, with a great tour of Asia.. while during the first week it was constrained to China-Shanghainese.. Sichuanese, Ningbo and Yangzhou cuisine.. it got liberated during the weekend through Burger King at the Shanghai airport.. (almost dying for non-Chinese food) and went on a wild ride...

over the next three days, i was relieved to have some good Vietnamese and great home cooked food..

starting Tuesday the culinary adventure took great strides.. starting with some french and Shanghainese on tuesday, English Curry buffet (was a pain getting thru) and local hong kong cuisine on Wednesday, some great pan-Asia and Indian on Thursday , with Chinese and Thai on Friday, No wonder corporate trainings are a real pain on the stomach and the eyes, which have to fight to be awake post lunch..

the weekend went down with some awesome food again.. Ragi dose on Saturday, followed by Japanese for lunch.. Sunday started with great Akki rotti, followed by a mexican lunch and "anna saaru" for dinner ..

The following would be the ratings in descending order of liking

1. Akki rotti
2. Anna Saaru
3. Chinese fried rice (the best I have had in Hong Kong till date)
4. Fried Garoupa with Cashew nuts
5. Sashimi
6. Fajitas
7. local Canton food ( the atmosphere was like VV puram)
8. Ningbo
9. good old thai
10. Burger King (just for the break it provided)

end result .. 2 pounds++, but no regrets at all..


sudeep said...

Have not heard of a majority of cuisine which you have written there :-) But good! You are having a nice time...

It's been a food binge for me as well this weekend ...Shravana month starts and nagara chowthi was there this weekend...Weekend morning Kadubu (the 'wanton' kadubu filled with hoorna, not the fried one - if you understand what i mean) and followed by nuchchina oonde which was awesome and was prepared by my cousin and then baysan laddoo and thumbittu ....

Yesterday Panner Butter Masala and some schezwan sauce with those "veg balls" ....

GD said...

I miss habbada oota moms.. planning for the same over this weekend..