Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Under/Over Paid?

In comparison to many services which are regarded not so sophisticated, a professional working in MNC/ bank/ conslutancy seems to be grossly underpaid in Hong Kong and I suppose its the same in any big cities.. Consider this

the average salary for an MBA + 2 years exp/ IT guy with 7-8 exp/ investment analyst with 4-6 years exp in HK is around 60,ooo HKD / month which works out to $300/hour for 22 days work and 9 hours/day (many work much more than this)..

and now consider this..

1 hour Mandarin class - $500
1 hour English class - $500
45 mins personal fitness/yoga/blah blah instructor - $500 - $1000
1 hour Massage service - $200 - $1000
Relocation (2 guys working for an hour) - $1700 or $ 850/hour per person..
party planner - should be super duper expensive..
part-time professional maid - $300/hour..

somethings really seem to be way out of proportion and some other things seem to be highly underpaid..

cleaners in restaurants - $16/hours
dish washers - $18/hour
servers - $25/hour

and the hotel industry and the rest. employee association are lock heads over a $33/hour minimum wage bill.. apparently they are now stuck between $27- $30/hour...


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