Saturday, October 02, 2010

Dear Zachary

I had discovered an keyboard artist called Money Mark and I was listening to his songs. One such haunting and sad song was Color of the Blues which has a Beatlesque melody. However the video aroused my curiousity. It showed some random family snaps, of some 2008 documentary called Dear Zachary.

I read about the documentary some days ago, and it is still lingering in my mind. I think I shed a tear just by reading abt it. DO NOT READ IT. Try to get the movie. Really affecting. I have not watched this documentary but still I am sure it will have a powerful impact. Highly recommended documentary, really depressing story. Here is a trailer of Dear Zachary


richie said...

What the ending. Your do not read it didn't help.

sudeep said...

Nothing much about the ending...But generally a heartwrenching documentary