Friday, October 08, 2010

Political Drama

whats happening in namma naadu.. karu naadu ??

another drama??

every year there is some dissidence, some coup, some no-confidence motion..etc etc ..
the only thing that is stable and growing is the corruption level.... and the business in the resorts of the neighboring states


sudeep said...

Yeddy won the vote of confidence, but there are some glitches , as they say the speaker has misused his power. And the rebels are off to court.

Dunno whether you will believe or not, someone had performed witchcraft and black magic (lemon with nails smeared with blood of some sacrificed hen) , hen's head etc were found near Vidhana Soudha premises. Who has done this witchcraft is still a mystery, but they say it is the bjp govt. wanting to harm someone....yucks.

sarvagnaani said...

Drama..i agree..
i guess bjp mlas are certain that they are not coming back to power in the next elections..what with all the corruption charges, mining/land acquisition and its compensation and even flood relief funds..everything..a$$#@!35
whatever..that explains the internal squabbles and expansion/reshuffling of the cabinet..

and speaking of vote of confidence..both speaker and the governor have shown no hesitation in doing things that suit their parties and have thrown all garbs being 'apolitical' to wind..have never seen such party stooges

sarvagnaani said...

Haha..and now gov has asked for president's rule.. lows in k'taka politics..guess this beats hdk's antics to stay in power..sigh..

GD said...

I personally feel Karnataka is cursed by not having a strong regional leaders.. The Gowda family is NO Karunanidhi.. and for our bad-luck there is no YSR equivalent in the Congress..

BJP is like "Ardha Ratri siri" ppl. All suppose to be some weirdo background (mainly RSS) who are now motivated only about making money.. Similar to what happened at national level.. they dont have patience.. if they had prioritized good governance in the first 3 years they could have made a lot of money in the last two..

They need to learn a thing or two from Congress / JD (S)
a. How to make money without getting accused
b. How to keep their flock together
and an important lesson for Karunanidhi

- how to shut the opposition systematically..