Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hmm...Australia and SL.

I personally prefer Lanka to win. I have had enough of Aussies winning mercilessly. Oh god, somebody stop the Aussies or atleast let them give a strong competition.

This World Cup has been a real boring damp squib. :-|

But yesterday's 27/5 in 10 overs was the limit for showing the prowess of the Aussie team. Only one interesting match was the WI v/s ENG.


Milan said...

I disagree. I hope Australia do win...because with the dominance they have shown, they truly deserve it. The last time Australia lost a World Cup match was in the first round of the 1999 edition! Its an awesome record and one that well justifies 3 titles in a row. I understand the monotony in having a single winner, but when its deserved, its deserved. Let it be a great match!

sudeep said...

Yes sir!!!

it's gotta be a great match!!!