Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mano Murthy

The music director of the movie, "Mungaru Male", Mano Murthy was a part-time composer who came on breaks to India to compose music to movies.

His songs are catchy but I see a pattern. His hit films include America, America , Nanna Preethiya Hudugi, Mungaru Male , Amrutha Dhaare and so on.

Mano Murthy says, "During my college days in UVCE Bangalore, we had a pop band. I have composed some Kannada pop songs and many tunes. America America was the first film in 1995-96 to have my music. I used to work for one movie every two years and from last year I am working on one movie per year. Music is something that keeps me busy and brings freshness every moment. High tech world is routine for me but music is something that I can work on all the time."

Oh by the way, he was a graduate from Stanford and he is the founder of 3 Network Companies and 2 of them went public and one of them was bought over by Cisco.

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