Monday, August 13, 2007


The movie "Amadeus" is strong movie. You need patience and a sense of cinema to appreciate it. Deeply.


Well, to be frank, for sometime, when the director goes into all the details of staging operas and the librettos, you'll end up bored.

But the essence of the movie is about : Are men created equal ? .

The director tends to answer this question through a comparatively "inferior man" who's done things the hard way.

The movie is essentially a conflict or a case of rivalry between a genius and a textual, orthodox hardworker.

Consider this in real life:

You have worked for twenty hours and come up with a great piece of work (whatever field you are in). Now your immediate rival because of his genius (who keeps just frolicking away to glory is able to do everything in the last moment.) You are left slack jawed thinking how was this possible ?

Is he a genius ? What the eff is wrong with me ? I work so hard...Why is god so unkind to me?

Well, the story is between Rivalry between Mozart (who was the genius) and Antonio Salieri (who was the inferior conductor).

Caution : It is a very heavy movie and is a work of genius. If you like movies like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and TaxiDriver and movies with ulterior meanings, this will leave you affected.

More than the direction, it was the acting. Salieri was AWESOME!

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DhiOnlyOne said...

I tried watching this movie once, but gave up midway. Will probably try it once more :-)