Monday, August 20, 2007

B Grade

There is something REALLY to look forward about B-Grade movies. The movie itself has a kind of charm. If carefully watched B-Grade movies are a source of great entertainment. Be it any language, they are fun!

My first tryst with the B-Grade movies started probably when I got Star-TV installed in my house. Some of these exploitation based themes do have good stories and of course good ahem.... But it maybe the camera or the direction which gives the "B-Grade character". But there is some degree of honesty and effort by the B-Grade directors (in at least some movies).I really appreciate that and it is a lesson on production values/direction and shots for all aspiring writers and directors.

The Best B-Grade movies from India were from the Ramsay house, who went on to produce a popular serial called the "Zee Horror Show".They featured some weird kind of Draculas , mandirs and Kali maatah and all that. There was also a VERY interesting story in a Kannada B-Grade movie called "Tulasi Dala". Amazing story by a Telegu writer woven into a Kannada movie.

Well I stumbled into some Hollywood retro B-Grade flicks which are referred to as The Grindhouse.

Have a look at some of the Dialogs from B-Grade movies :-

Narrator(introducing the hero to the audience) : He wears a 600-dollar suit and drives a 10,000-dollar car. He has two guns. One to stop Trouble and the other gun to make trouble.


Have a look at the Grindhouse trailers on youtube. The music is a real beauty.

Oh yeah and a scene from the worst movie of all time (according to imdb) :
Manos: the hands of Fate

Enjoy B-Grade movies!!!! (At least once in a while)

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