Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Outsourcing Mania..

New elections, new candidates, but the issues remain the same... I-raq and Outsourcing are some of the hottest topics, besides trade deficit with China... The outsourcing of manufacturing to China dint cause much furore as IT/BPO jobs are being moved away to low-cost centers mainly in India, western europe, china, philliphines, brazil, mexico etc..

Ofcos the target nation is INDIA .. the mania has outgrown the actual problem. Phrases like 'Bangalored' were discovered and there will be many more such words and phrases. It has become such and issue that Michael Bay could not resist dedicating a scene in his latest movie - The Transformers.

The soldier fighting a transformer in Qatar tries to contact US security through an international call. The call gets re-routed to the phone service company and the guy answering the call is India, who promptly asks for credit card info, for payment. And this becomes a mockery scence as the Indian doesnt not understand the importance of the situation :-) :-). Well my question is would a customer respresentative from the US would have understood the situation?

Imagine you rush into Wal-mart to buy some emergency stuff and you try to run out to resuce without paying the bill, (assuming these Wal-mart jobs cannot be outsourced) and utter words "US security office + emergency + defence secretary", I am damn sure they let you go with their patriotic spirit
their understanding of the aliens from the numerous movies they have watched,
the sense to save save the world,
the urge to attack Iraq and protect humans and oil wells
blame China and India for uncompetitiveness
blame Honda , Toyota , Nissan for producing better cars
blame Samsung for producing cheaper memories
north korea and iran for missiles
cuba and venezuala for having too much oil and not giving
blaming mexcio for immigration problems.......

oh might amercian, u r so knowledgable.

ps:- The movie is a good watch

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richie said...

Are you planning to watch Rush Hour 3 ? Chris Tucker humour super aage irotte :). Yellarannu lampoon maaDutaane :)