Monday, July 30, 2007

Music is in everyone's dna

The DNA molecule is probably one of the most complex molecules which can be created. In fact, it contains the blueprint (or genetic instructions) of how a living organism can be constructed. It is basically an "information storage" molecule.

But there is a strange co-relation between DNA and music! In simple words, when DNA sequences are converted to music, it sounds musical :-)

There are many ways in which a DNA can be interpreted as music. Two ways in which DNA sequences which I could decipher were pretty interesting.

1. The DNA sequences (the ATCG sequences ) can be mapped to octaves and played, and it sounds musical. Some software guy has already gone ahead and has written a software for doing this. Go ahead and check out the Bio2Midi Genetic Music Translator

2. Another way a live DNA molecule could be interpreted as music was by mapping molecular vibrations into sound frequencies and getting music. Have a look at this article here : Listen to your DNA

There are some links related to "DNA and Protein Music" here.

There might be some applications of these methods like this one (which is my idea ...heheheh :-) make way for Pseudeep the bio-researcher) ...

Given a DNA music you can study the co-relation between the haromonies and distortions and maybe enhance the music and get a better DNA sequence by the process of reverse engineering!

But the creme de la creme is that "Two lawyers have patented generating music from a DNA sequence." . %^!@$#%$@

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