Monday, July 02, 2007

This is getting ridiculous

I understand that Apple Iphone is a very good gadget and it looks good and all that. But why do people go crazy and queue up to buy a mobile phone. Is it really THAT good.

Look at the headlines :-

Techies pull apart iPhone; shares of parts-makers rise [1]
Up to 700,000 iPhones have sold [2]
Most buyers like new iPhones [3]
Of course after shelling out so much money, you always will tell my decision is the best one on the planet to justify your action
Apple's iPhone isn't perfect, but it's worthy of the hype [4]
iWait : Some experts advise iPhone buyers to wait [5]

And a quick review stolen from a news site :-

5 things I like
1 - Terrific widescreen iPod and clever Cover Flow feature.
2 - Smart sensors that change the orientation of the screen from landscape to portrait mode
3 - Gorgeous 3.5-inch multi-touch screen does exceptional job displaying pictures, Internet, maps, e-mail etc.
4 - Flicking through contacts and pictures, pinching to make pix and the Web larger, and tapping on the intelligent virtual keyboard is fun (once you get the hang of it).
5 - Phone is easy to dial despite lack of physical keypad. Visual voicemail.

5 things I'd like to see
1 - Faster "3G" or "third generation" data network
2 - Removable battery
3 - Greater storage (through storage slot)
4 - Extra features including GPS, IM, voice calling, Adobe Flash , and using your own music library for ringtones.
5 - Lower price

This is mega-hype. This is something like a Rajni movie. Now as I type this sentence I realise many people (including me) succumb to the mega hype and I may probably end up buying it.

But it really makes me wonder. Sometimes you just want to be different when you want to buy a new phone.

Nokia N95 looked and was something REALLY fabulous. I loved it. But come on, Rs.40K is too damn expensive. You can buy a bike for 40K.

But yeno artha aagolla...Smart phone is a tertiary need for mankind (atleast in 2008).

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