Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why do people in the world like me don't like changes ? Change and adaptability are very essential for a good enriched life.

Most of the time I prefer to avoid a change especially in the workplace ... And sometimes prefer to live in the past than to look forward for the future. Gawd knows....Signing off ...


sarvagnaani said...

You(and I (and many ppl like us)) like to stay in past/avoid change because you are used to that, you have got into a comfy zone, and its only natural to stay/want to stay in that.
sorry..me bored..
and this stupid thing doesnt allow me to use angular brackets..y cant it just ignore some tag and display it as it is..if it doesnt know how to handle it?

Enigma said...

:-) see enjoy ur changes see positive side of it and when u know chaneg is inevitable no point grumbling just accept n move on