Monday, July 16, 2007

much ado abt nothing.

0. Warning : Read this post when you are jobless and listless. There is nothing in this post.

1. I want to write a post today, but I dont have any topics in my mind to blog about. THe fact is that I don't have anything to blog. Read all my subscribed blogs too. (Of course excluding the News and the Tech Feeds).

2. Today morning I saw a snail stuck to a stone pillar. The snail is such a boring animal, I thought, as I ate the salty hot pongal which a vada and sambar in our canteen.

3. I also saw the first few episodes Season#1 of Friends. That was a good entertainment and I look forward to finish seeing the whole DVD.

4. Meanwhile, my josh to read one book (which I shall not mention now) is slowly decreasing. I cannot appreciate some aspects of that book at all.

5. The mobile phone is a wonderful invention. But sometimes, I feel disconnectivity is essential for any animal/human.

6. I got this wonderful creative idea yesterday while coming back in the shuttle, I wanted to make a novel out of it, but it was fully diluted because of an icecream i had in cornerhouse. I forgot about my idea fully.Just imagine stopping the shuttle bus going home and having icecream. We did that.

7. The FORM-16 thing has to be done. Returns have to be filed. I keep procrastinating things to intolerably nauseating level.

8. Life in the first floor of Fac-Z has been very borring. Coffee , COffee and more coffee. Grandma caterers are no more good. Maybe the mess committee must bring "Grandpa Caterers" to end this food torture. Keep going to good hotels in kormangala every now and then.

9. Heard about this concept called Halal meat. This is inhuman to say the least. Bleeding a hen until it is dead, so that there is no more blood in its veins, it seems. At least they should give the hen a chloroform.

10. Saw an eagle swooshing and picking up a rat running on the road. I thought it was a neat catch. But the rat was squeaking really loudly.

11. My newest PJ :-
What technology comes after 4G ?
Answer :- Parle G

12. I will come back with more boring stuff today.


Anonymous said...

hehe... aa book yeshtne saari odthidiya?? jaasti tension beda mama.

And since halal meat is inhuman, they dont have halal human meat kano!!! - my PJ for the day

sudeep said...

Dear anonymous,

heheh.... I know what you are thinking ... but thats not the book i am referring to ... aaa vishayakke amele barona ... samsara ...